понедельник, 13 февраля 2012 г.

Hello Ladies today I  will tell you about this lovely tattoo i wear and my sexy shoes. Ohhh shoes I m totally in love with all my shoes in  my inventory  and we all know such great designers as N-core, and Maitreya but I will tell you about thous which are great too but more cheep and of good quality it s important believe me. So mine shoes are from MAAI and it has discounts for fat pack all colors mm so lovely don't it? Mine tattoo is from SWEET SIN there are many interesting things there very stylish . This wonderful earing is from GLOW STUDIO the link to it I gave you in my previous post. Ohhh
forgot about this lovely mesh dress it goes with the clatch in different positions to hold I will tell you mine secret it s a great shop this dress is from Dressing Room discount shop, type this in search)) Here are the links from marketpla for you Ladies  have a look there and enjoy shopping girls>>>>>>>

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