вторник, 21 февраля 2012 г.

Hello Ladies, long haven't wrote any but today i wanna tell you about Dressing room shop mmm i post  about it already but i even cant stop they have so many great things ohhh and they are all no more than 70 L yea 70L only . Great dresses, jewelry, hair and skins!! Ohh how many skins do you have in your inventory  me too much  i have different looks cause i love to change. So today I m wearing Glam Affair skin and HAir from Dressing room there are all for 70 L))) Come check this place to find it TYPE DRESSING ROOM DISCOUNT SHOP in search ))) Enjoy . Ohh my eye lashes are  super great and not expencive they are from Glow studio they are BridgetGlow studi lashes

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